Saturday, September 25, 2010

Be careful what you pray for....

GIVE ME AN 'R' !!!!    R
GIVE ME AN 'A' !!!!    A
GIVE ME AN 'I' !!!!     I
GIVE ME AN 'N' !!!!    N

WHAT DOES THAT SPELL???  That spells one RELIEVED Wedding Coordinator who hopefully will have one happy, though possibly damp, wedding party!  Better damp from a few raindrops than from sweat dripping off their chins and elbows!  

At the Rehearsal last night, someone mentioned that rain on a wedding day was good luck, and I will certainly have to agree.  It all depends on perspective, does it not??  

The bible verse comes to mind, and forgive me...the Bible scholars among us for any misquoting here..."The prayer of a righteous man availeth much!"  You know that with my brain recalling 'availeth,' it is a throw back to my King James Version memory verses from early Sunday School Days!  While certainly not considering myself high on the list among the righteous, I am most thankful to the Lord above for any slack He gave on this request.

Of course, in my moment of desperation last night while I was intermingling blog typing and prayer, I did, by the P.S. at the end, promise away three offspring.  Now either God has something else miraculous in mind or I have got a serious problem on my hands to live up to my end of the bargain...

P.S.  It is still raining in Dallas....  :-) 

Praying for rain on a Wedding Day!!!

As you may or may not know, one of the hats I wear is that of Wedding Coordinator at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church in Dallas.  A beautiful building, built in 1915, it provides a perfect backdrop for a well as the source for many amazing wedding tales! You will see many of these stories popping up  on the blog from time to time. Often it seems that each story I recount ends with the words, "I can't make this stuff up!"

On every wedding day, I awake thinking about the sweet couple getting married later that day. Sunshine will have me thinking 'what a great day to get married!'  Clouds and rain will find fingers crossed hoping for clearing weather before all head to the church. 

NOT THIS WEDDING!!!  Tomorrow, is the first wedding at the church since late June, and I am on my knees, lighting candles, pleading, and promising away my first born-- that there will not be a speck of blue sky  ALL   DAY   LONG!!  Clouds?  Bring 'em on!   Rain? Let it pour!  You may be thinking, 'My, what bizarre behavior coming from the wedding coordinator.' Normally, I would agree...

HOWEVER, here are the horns of the dilemma on which we are now perched:  The Air Conditioning system for the Sanctuary is at half power...HALF POWER!!! Oh yes, I can hear those "Half full" folks out there--reminding me to be thankful for the half that is working. Rest assured, I am also praying fervently and offering away the second born in hopes that the working half keeps cranking out that tiny puff of cool-ISH air until at least 7:00 pm tomorrow.  Tonight at rehearsal, as I rushed about the foyer, lining up bridesmaids and grandparents, I must have been a sorry sight--sweat literally dripping into my eyes, my once starched Burberry shirt, now wilted and wet.

Normally, I will have little old ladies wishing for the mink coat at a July wedding with the thermostat at 68.  Yet even at 68 degrees, I would still be blotting my brow.  So what can we expect tomorrow? To the little old ladies, I would advise to leave the mink in storage a few more weeks and find a funeral home hand fan, and join us all in a word of prayer...

Dear Lord, 
Since it was obviously not in your plan to have the new Air Conditioning system up and running by wedding time, could you PLEEEEEASE send a nice thick bank of clouds and a cold front, maybe even some cool rain down Dallas way?? Now, we're not quite ready to pair up the animals again, but we just gotta have some COOL!!!!  I mean, I'm wearing the best shirt to complement the Bridesmaids dresses, back fresh from the laundry! Dripping sweat and Robert Graham just don't mix!! Not to mention, wedding guests wiping sweat at an indoor wedding are not happy wedding guests.  

In Jesus name, AMEN!!  

P.S. Should there be a third born? It is YOURS!!!!